• Gloss Black Springer, 24" length

    $925.00 $649.00

            Fully assembled with in-line top bracket without built in rake (0° rake)
    • The standard length Springer (20" measured from the bottom of the lower tree to the axle center) is comparible to vintage FL model fork length
    • 1" O.D. steering stem designed for Timken® type bearings
    • Use our Part 36652 neck cup conversion kit to install Springer on K Model and Sportster 1952/1981
    • Measures 8 3/4" between the axle rockers (Cast rockers)
    • Includes 3/4" O.D. axle
    • Rise mounts are on 4 3/4" centers and threaded 1/2-20
    • Universal brake rod mount is on the right rear leg for disc brakes (5/8" hole)