How We Got Started..

What Can I say I fell in love with motorcycles when I was a kid. My pops purchased me my 1st dirt bike in 1980 to give me something to do when I visited him.

At the age of 12 my pops let me work on his commercial F/V Nicole Marie for the summer albacore seasons so I had money as a kid. When I returned home from my 1st trip. It was 1983 and  I convinced my mom and step father Vespa scooters were mopeds and legal to be ridden on the street by a 12 year old. There was a clause in the motorcycle hand book saying a 12 year old could ride a moped legally on the street and they fell for it!

I fell in love having the freedom to ride 2 wheels. I fell deeper in love with the parts to set my bikes apart from other folks bikes. I have turned my love into my families livelihood. 

I only sell parts and brands I believe in. I hope you enjoy 2 wheels as much as I have all these decades..


Adam Rittenberg

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